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Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington

4001 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima WA  98908 | 509-985-6248 | Email:

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Pro-Life Coalition Brings Warmth of Service to Cold Days


Christine Conklin

Even as the mercury plummets, the Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is continuing towarm hearts with our outreach. We’re educating our Students for Life groups and funding theirdeliveries to nursing homes. We’re planning delivery of pro-life resource materials tocommunity centers. And we’re bringing both pregnancy center directors and Students for Life from across the region together in Zoom meetings to exchange ideas. Together, we’re keepingthe spirit alive!

Our Students for Life groups continue to inspire us, giving us renewed hope for the future ofpro-life. Below, you’ll find photos and descriptions of some of their many projects. These areterrific young people and we’re proud to sponsor their projects and activities. Our groups arebased from Yakima to the Lower Yakima Valley, Ellensburg, Tri-Cities and East Wenatchee.


Our newest outreach project, headed by board member Christiana Schell, involves deliveringpro-life resource information to a variety of community centers, ranging from the YWCA tosites that welcome immigrants and young people. If a need arises, staff will be able to offerclients a REAL choice.


Just one other highlight involves hosting quarterly Zoom meetings for both Students for Life and pregnancy center directors from throughout Central Washington. These gatherings allow participants to discuss new programs, plans for the future, concerns and ideas with their peers. This directly reflects our commitment to unite people in the name of pro-life.

May God richly bless you for standing up for life!


Christine Conklin

Christine Conklin
Executive Director
Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington

Students for Life Are On The Move

From the sidewalk to the convention center, nursing home to shopping mall, Students for Life are on the move throughout our region!


The five chapters begun by the Pro-Life Coalition have been involved in both pro-life training and outreach in service in our communities.

In East Wenatchee, the Divine Child Chapter, listened to a presentation by Christine and Patrick Conklin on the hazards of abortion and euthanasia, plus the importance of self-respect for young people. The group also planned a visit to a local nursing home to deliver treat bags, spreading holiday cheer to the elderly and infirm.

Our Gregory Sherman Chapter in Yakima has done sidewalk chalking in front of an abortion provider, helped Life Choices to set up for their annual fundraising banquet, assisted at the Central Washington State Fair “Respect Life” booth, and heard a speaker on chastity, among other activities.

In the Tri-Cities, the Edward and Catherine Carroll Chapter, has been busy with multiple projects. They have watched pro-life training videos; prayed in front of an abortion facility; assisted with the Central Washington State Fair “Respect Life” booth; watched the movie, “Gosnell” (about the notorious abortionist) at one of their regular monthly meetings; and planned a holiday outreach to a nursing home.

Our Ellensburg group, the Dr. Dale and Camille Peterson Chapter, also packed special treat bags for a local nursing home. A couple of Central Washington University students from Catholic Campus Ministry joined in, following a presentation by Christine Conklin at the Ministry center.

In the Lower Yakima Valley, our Students for Life chapter has also helped spread the word about the hazards of human trafficking. Members went door to door in a Sunnyside shopping mall, distributing fliers with warning signs and a contact phone number for receiving help.

Remember, your donations to the Pro-Life Coalition help to fund all of these programs!

Blurry Blue

East Wenatchee Students for Life learned about the evils of abortion and euthanasia.


Tri-Cities Students helped out at the Yakima Fair’s Respect Life booth.


Lower Yakima Valley Students distributed fliers about human trafficking.


A Yakima Student helped with table decorations for the Life Choices banquet.

IMG_3453 (1).jpg

Yakima Students chalked positive sidewalk messages in front of an abortion provider.


Tri-Cities Students stood vigil in front of Planned Parenthood.


Ellensburg Students prepared treat bags for local nursing home residents.


I’m Proud To Be A New Board Member for The Pro-Life Coalition

By Dr. Rachelle Sanjuan Chavez

As a pro-life physician, I am delighted to be a new member of the board of directors for the Pro-Life Coalition. I understand the trials of standing up for life in a culture which, so often, does not share our values, and I respect the work which the Coalition does.

I have been challenged for my beliefs numerous times through the years. Happily, I now work with Dr. Anita Showalter, as a partner in New Life OB/GYN, a pro-life practice with offices in Yakima and Zillah, Washington.

During my residency in New Jersey, I remember, for example, being the only pro-life physician on staff. A twin pregnancy had been at risk due to the water breaking prematurely at 15 weeks for one of the twins and that baby being at high risk of the lungs not being developed at all. The mother-to-be had been advised from 15 weeks to 30 weeks that she should allow that twin to die at birth without any interventions. The baby would not survive even with
interventions because its lungs would not develop without amniotic fluid, she was told. At the time labor commenced, I had the chance to speak with the mother-to-be and encouraged her to intervene for both babies since they were now at a much different place than when conversations about comfort care has begun. She agreed. My fellow staff members were not pleased.

When it came time for delivery, the supposedly “weaker” baby did well, not even requiring oxygen, only pressure support, while the supposedly “stronger” infant required intubation almost instantly and more attention. Just one example of how life can thrive – if given a chance!

Still today, I can be challenged by members of the community who disagree with my pro-life values. However, this is more than balanced by the many patients who appreciate the loving support and encouragement that Christian, pro-life care can bring. It is very rewarding to talk with a scared young woman who believes that she cannot afford to have a child, or who has other fears, and help to support and nurture her to accept the gift of life.


I thank you all for supporting the Pro-Life Coalition and its programs. I am especially interested in the work which the Coalition does with its Students for Life groups across the region. I know how important it is to begin teaching the life principles to young people as early as possible. Together, we truly can make a difference.

Do You Have A New Pro-Life Resource Directory?

The Pro-Life Coalition has updated our regional pro-life resource directory for Central Washington.

More than 80 individuals, pregnancy centers, church groups and other organizations across the region are listed.

If you would like to have a directory to use for referrals, please call (509) 985-6248.


What Is The ‘Pro-Life Coalition’ All About?

Founded in 2018, the Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Washington and headquartered in Yakima. The Coalition serves this region with a variety of services, with the purpose of uniting and strengthening the pro-life community in respect for human life from conception through natural death.


We have three main areas of focus. We educate youth; forming, supporting and guiding Students for Life chapters. We provide medical professionals with pro-life materials, increasing their awareness of life-affirming resources available in our cities. Finally, we reach out into our communities to educate on the life issues, solidifying and prospering the pro-life spirit among people of various faiths and walks of life. As part of this latter effort, we have begun hosting quarterly Zoom meetings which bring together leaders from pro-life centers across Central Washington, allowing them to become better acquainted and exchange ideas and information.


The Pro-Life Coalition is here for YOU! You can call us at (509) 985-6248. Reach us by mail at 4401 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima, WA 98908. 

Something To Think About...


"Abortion does not kill a POTENTIAL human person,
it kills a human person with great POTENTIAL."

~ Unknown Author


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