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Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington

4001 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima WA  98908 | 509-985-6248 | Email:

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Have A Heart For Our Youth

We Must Train Them In The Way They Should Go

      It is vital that we save unborn babies from abortion. The Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is dedicated to just that – from offering speakers, to delivering pro-life resource information to community centers and bringing pro-life people together from across our region. 

      However, what about our youth? As one of our Students
for Life recently observed, what a shame it is to save babies’ lives only to have them grow up not knowing God – and not knowing to avoid the same behavior that led to their own, unplanned birth.

      So often, schools, even Christian schools, and many churches do not teach pro-life values and behavior. This is why the Pro-Life Coalition is passionate about teaching our youth self-respect, the basics of fetal development, and the importance of waiting for commitment in marriage.


Christine Conklin

      Please help us support the Students for Life groups we have formed in Yakima, Tri-Cities, Lower Yakima Valley, East Wenatchee and Ellensburg. Our young people need to learn self-respect, and to understand the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. They are our future. We MUST stop the cultural cycle of risky behavior, unplanned pregnancy, and repeat!

      Won’t you have a heart for our youth?

May God richly bless you for standing up for life!


Christine Conklin

Christine Conklin
Executive Director
Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington

Students for Life
Are On The Move

      From the sidewalk to the convention center, nursing home to shopping mall, Students for Life are on the move throughout our region! The five chapters begun by the Pro-Life Coalition have been involved in both pro-life training and outreach in service in our communities.

      In East Wenatchee, the Divine Child Chapter, listened to a presentation by Christine and Patrick Conklin on the hazards of abortion and euthanasia, plus the importance of self-respect for young people. The group also planned a visit to a local nursing home to deliver treat bags, spreading holiday cheer to the elderly and infirm.

      Our Gregory Sherman Chapter in Yakima has done sidewalk chalking in front of an abortion provider, helped Life Choices to set up for their annual fundraising banquet, assisted at the Central Washington State Fair “Respect Life” booth, and heard a speaker on chastity, among other activities.

      In the Tri-Cities, the Edward and Catherine Carroll Chapter, has been busy with multiple projects. They have watched pro-life training videos; prayed in front of an abortion facility; assisted with the Central Washington State Fair “Respect Life” booth; watched the movie, “Gosnell” (about the notorious abortionist) at one of their regular monthly meetings; and planned a holiday outreach to a nursing home.

      Our Ellensburg group, the Dr. Dale and Camille Peterson Chapter, also packed special treat bags for a local nursing home. A couple of Central Washington University students from Catholic Campus Ministry joined in, following a presentation by Christine Conklin at the Ministry center.

      In the Lower Yakima Valley, our Students for Life chapter has also helped spread the word about the hazards of human trafficking. Members went door to door in a Sunnyside shopping mall, distributing fliers with warning signs and a contact phone number for receiving help. Remember, your donations to the Pro-Life Coalition help to fund all of these programs!

Melanie 2023.jpeg

      The Pro-Life Coalition Brings Together Pregnancy Center Leaders

By Melanie Smeenk,
Executive Director,
Life Options,
Grandview and Sunnyside

      The Pro-Life Coalition has done a fantastic job, through the diligent work of Christine Conklin, of bringing together pregnancy center leaders in our Valley. I attend our quarterly Zoom meetings (hosted by the Coalition) as often as possible and appreciate these opportunities.

      Our meetings are valuable to me because they serve as a reminder that I’m not facing this battle alone; we are all in this together! It’s important to connect with other pregnancy center leaders so that we develop unity in accomplishing our mission of protecting the unborn. 

      Through our meetings, we learn from each other, offer encouragement and share suggestions. I was particularly interested in learning from other centers how they have been impacted since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We’ve also had productive conversations on how our client numbers have been impacted by various changes we experience not only in our cities but in our state. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the members of our group more through our time together.

      The Pro-Life Coalition also does a very good job of equipping our youth to have informed conversations with their peers regarding the absolute value of human life, through their Students for Life groups. Because of these groups, students develop strong leadership skills, confidence in speaking and the ability to communicate their convictions with facts.

      As a pregnancy center, we have a different approach than the Coalition – we each have specific roles to fill in this fight for life; but we do share the same beliefs. Through our different methods of speaking truth in our communities and promoting life, we are making a positive impact! 

      I am grateful to work alongside the Pro-Life Coalition and all our local pregnancy center leaders as we serve God in our daily tasks to impact and save lives for God’s kingdom and His glory.


Our Students for Life Group Warms This Young Woman’s Heart for Life

By Nora Billow

      I have been a part of Students for Life Tri-Cities for the last three years and served as Treasurer for the past two. It has been a pleasure to serve my group in this way, and though we have a tight budget as teenagers, thanks to donors like the Pro-Life Coalition, God has provided.

      When I first learned about abortion in middle school, I was shocked that it was real and not some horrific dystopian fiction. I was even more shocked to know that it was happening in my own hometown. I Googled videos about how an ordinary teenager like me could help, but I had no one to do it with. A few years later, I became friends with Katriel Nyman, a devout Students for Life attendee and current President, and she invited me to join the group. Since then, I have learned so much about how to talk to pro-choicers as well as how to witness to the lost.

      Now, as I begin my adult life, I am so grateful for all that Students for Life has taught me. I have learned facts and statistics about abortion, yes, but more than that I have learned how to plan, pray, advocate, work, and witness alongside Christians who have a completely different approach than I might.

      There are two main lessons God has been teaching me through these past years at SFL. The first is that to be in ministry with others, you do not have to be completely compatible with everyone else. The Body of Christ is so much stronger and more beautiful when vastly different people, who by the world’s standards would otherwise never be friends, can unite behind one faith and fight for a cause side by side.

      The second is more obvious: prayer is effective. It is often challenging to trust that standing outside of an abortion clinic in the rain sleet, snow, heat or cold for a few hours every week is working for the good of the kingdom. But, as I have seen firsthand, prayer has power not only to change our external circumstances, but to change our own hearts as well. Some of the most trying days for me in my faith have been the days I have had to stand at the abortion clinic, but when we simply gather up and pray together out loud, my whole outlook can change. I can go from thinking, “This is useless. I’m cold. I want to go home,” to “God is doing something here, even if I can’t see it. There is a reason I’m standing here, even if I can’t see it. There is a reason I’m standing here. Our prayers are being heard right now by this living God. We can do this.”

      Students for Life has blessed me in so many ways throughout my high school career, and my prayer is that it can continue to flourish and do the same for other young people, until it is no longer needed, and abortion is abolished!

Do You Have A
Pro-Life Resource Directory?

      The Pro-Life Coalition has updated our regional pro-life resource directory for Central Washington. More than 80 individuals, pregnancy centers, church groups and other organizations across the region are listed. If you would like to have a directory to use for referrals, please call (509) 985-6248.


What Is The ‘Pro-Life Coalition’ All About?

      Founded in 2018, the Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Washington and headquartered in Yakima. The Coalition serves this region with a variety of services, with the purpose of uniting and strengthening the pro-life community in respect for human life from conception through natural death.

      We have three main areas of focus. We educate youth; forming, supporting and guiding Students for Life chapters. We provide medical professionals with pro-life materials, increasing their awareness of life-affirming resources available in our cities. Finally, we reach out into our communities to educate on the life issues, solidifying and prospering the pro-life spirit among people of various faiths and walks of life. As part of this latter effort, we have begun hosting quarterly Zoom meetings which bring together leaders from pro-life centers across Central Washington, allowing them to become better acquainted and exchange ideas and information.

      The Pro-Life Coalition is here for YOU! You can call us at (509) 985-6248. Reach us by mail at 4401 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima, WA 98908. 

Something To Think About...


"Abortion does not kill a POTENTIAL human person,
it kills a human person with great POTENTIAL."

~ Unknown Author


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