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The beautiful home and grounds of Rosedell provided the backdrop for the Pro-Life Coalition event.

 Rosedell Garden Gala Was Our Most Successful Event Ever

It was a beautiful weekend to celebrate life, as people from across the region gathered September 10 and 11 at Rosedell in Yakima for the Pro-Life Coalition’s 2022 garden parties! Violin and keyboard music entertained attendees at three separate parties, designed to keep gatherings smaller.


Dr. George Hotchko served as emcee for the event, with Susan Hotchko and Dennis Claus providing the lovely music. Speakers from Students for Life groups begun by the Pro-Life Coalition included Kimberly Barrera from Yakima, Katriel Nyman from the Tri-Cities and Christiana Schell from the Lower Yakima Valley. They recounted what standing up for life has come to mean to them. 


Carey Falter from Yakima also spoke to the three gatherings, telling of her abortion and cautioning the crowds that young people need support from their peers such as Students for Life provides. Falter has written a book on healing after abortion which soon will be available.


Another moving part of each program was a presentation of the American flag by the Troops of St. George, in honor of the victims of 9-11 and the victims of abortion.


The events led off with a buffet of catered food and the opportunity to bid on some nice items at a silent auction skillfully organized by Elna Iseminger. Later in the program, certificates for stays at Rosedell were auctioned as part of a “raise the paddle” fundraiser.


Thanks to our volunteers, board members and attendees who helped in many ways to make the garden gala our most successful event ever!


Christine Conklin

Executive Director

Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington


It was a perfect day for an outdoor event on the grounds of Rosedell.


Susan Hotchko provided beautiful violin music.


Students for Life from the Edward and Catherine Carroll Chapter of the Tri-Cities helped to greet attendees.

Guests had the chance to sample food and socialize before the program.


Folks came from across the region to celebrate life.


It was great to reunite, after delays due to the pandemic.


Several family groups joined in the event.


We begin their pro-life training early!

One of the youngest attendees had a nice nap!


The Troops of St. George did a moving flag presentation to begin the program, honoring the victims of 9-11 and the victims of abortion.

Students for Life Plan New Projects for 2022-23 School Year

The new school year is underway and our Students for Life groups, begun and mentored by the Pro-Life Coalition, are beginning new projects to serve our communities!

In addition to all of the details of chartering with the national organization for the new year, a number of plans have been set in place.

Our East Wenatchee and Tri-Cities groups both have prayer vigils set for Planned Parenthood. East Wenatchee also has plans to deliver treats to a senior living center. The Tri-Cities, Ellensburg and Yakima groups will be delivering fliers to local businesses to increase awareness about human trafficking. The Lower Yakima Valley group will be meeting soon to make new plans. Several groups also lent their help to our recent Pro-Life Coalition event at Rosedell!

Here, you can see some of our Students in action over the past months…


Students for Life from Ellensburg prepared to distribute fliers, spreading awareness about human trafficking.

Tri-Cities Students for Life held a tabling event, spreading the pro-life message at a local park.


Students from East Wenatchee visited local businesses with fliers promoting awareness of human trafficking.


A representative from Mirror Ministries spoke to Yakima Students for Life about the hazards of human trafficking.

Staff at Life Options was surprised by an Easter “thank you” basket from Lower Yakima Valley Students for Life.

 Do You Have A New Pro-Life Resource Directory


The Pro-Life Coalition has updated our regional pro-life resource directory for Central Washington.

More than 80 individuals, pregnancy centers, church groups and other organizations across the region are listed.

If you would like to have a directory to use for referrals, please call (509) 985-6248.

Supportive Peers Might Have Helped Prevent Her Abortion 

unnamed (7).jpg

Carey Falter

Carey Falter of Yakima is an outstanding pro-life advocate, who has learned the hard way about the value of human life. She has spoken to groups such as the Gregory Sherman Chapter of Students for Life in Yakima and is currently working on a book about healing from abortion.


Here are her observations:


“I grew up attending church every Sunday. I chose abortion when I was 20 years old. Looking back, I was walking a destructive path. It is no wonder I found myself in an abortion clinic. There is real truth in the saying, ‘prevention is worth a pound of cure.’


As a pro-life advocate, you might wonder what could have been done to prevent my abortion. I have identified three possibilities:


1. Faith-based Youth Group. My friends in high school were involved with sex, drinking and drugs. They were the people who loved me and gave me the attention I craved. The church I attended was small and my family were the only ones with children. I now recognize the importance of being friends with peers who are building a positive future instead of destroying their bodies and minds.


2. Exposure to the Reality of Abortion. Sadly, I knew nothing of abortion until I was pregnant. I only knew that I could have one. I had no idea what it would do to my body or how horribly it would end my pregnancy.


3. Involved Adult. It was my best friend’s mom who encouraged me to abort my baby. I wasn’t even thinking of an abortion until I spoke to her. When the relationship with the baby’s father dissolved, I turned to her for answers and support. I wish I had had an adult who cherished life who could have provided other options.


Our children are our future. The best time to influence their choices is BEFORE they become pregnant. Please consider supporting the Pro-Life Coalition and its wonderful work with Students for Life groups. By volunteering your time and donating money, you can help stop abortion before it becomes a ‘choice.’”

 What Is The ‘Pro-Life Coalition’ All About?

Founded in 2018, the Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Washington and headquartered in Yakima. The Coalition serves this region with a variety of services, with the purpose of uniting and strengthening the pro-life community in respect for human life from conception through natural death.


We have three main areas of focus. We educate youth; forming, supporting and guiding Students for Life chapters. We provide medical professionals with pro-life materials, increasing their awareness of life-affirming resources available in our cities. Finally, we reach out into our communities to educate on the life issues, solidifying and prospering the pro-life spirit among people of various faiths and walks of life. As part of this latter effort, we have begun hosting quarterly Zoom meetings which bring together leaders from pro-life centers across Central Washington, allowing them to become better acquainted and exchange ideas and information.


The Pro-Life Coalition is here for YOU! You can call us at (509) 985-6248. Reach us by mail at 4401 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima, WA 98908. 

Young Woman Who Chose Life Has Become A Leader for Students

unnamed (8).jpg

Kimberly Barrera

Kimberly Barrera was only 16 years old when she made the brave decision to continue her pregnancy and give life to her baby daughter. Since that time, she has become an outspoken advocate for respecting life from conception through natural death.


Now, Kimberly serves as President of the Gregory Sherman Chapter of Students for Life in Yakima (a group begun by the Pro-Life Coalition), in addition to working in the ImagePoint mobile medical unit, offering pro-life resources to many.


This is her message:


“Having been a teen Mom myself, I know there is a way other than abortion. I want other women to know this and that is why I am part of Students for Life and appreciate all the encouragement we receive from the Pro-Life Coalition.


The pro-abortion movement is involved in almost everything that our youth is exposed to, such as school, some churches and extracurricular activities. I feel that it is our job, as the next generation, to spread the pro-life message in all those places as well. 


Students for Life is a great organization that trains and equips those who are age 13 to college age to be active as pro-life members in their schools, churches and also regular, everyday life. It means a lot to be part of this effort, to build self-respect among youth, and to help other young women – and men – know that they are precious in God’s sight. I keep learning myself, as we hear speakers from across the area and enjoy the chance to help others through our community service projects.


When I found out I was pregnant, my friends from school automatically told me that 'Planned Parenthood was there to help.' It is now my goal as a pro-life activist that, if any woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, she knows that there are life-affirming options out there for her, full of people who will guide her and love her every step of the way, so that abortion becomes unthinkable for everyone.


I’d encourage other young people, from age 13 to college age to join with us!”

Something To Think About...

Image by Brandi Redd

“If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target.” 

— Old military saying


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