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Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington

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4001 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima WA 98908 | 509-985-6248


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‘Spring Forward’

To Spread the

Pro-Life Message

In YOUR Community

So many people today have not really heard the pro-life message. It’s easy to assume that our

families, friends, neighbors and co-workers understand and accept right-to-life teachings.

However, you might be surprised to learn that even that close
relative or the person sitting next to you in the pew on Sunday knows the basics. 

Incomplete information leads to a series of “But, well…” arguments.

Thinking like, “I oppose abortion, but, well, what if the woman is raped?”

“I don’t like the idea of abortion, but, well, isn’t it a woman’s right to choose?”

Or, even, “I’m not in favor of killing children but, well, it isn’t really a baby until birth, is it?”

The list goes on regarding issues of sexual integrity, artificial birth control and respect for life until natural death.
You can make a real difference in helping to clear up misconceptions about the life issues! Consider arranging for a free speaker to talk to your church group, club, or youth group. Subjects range from how to defend the pro-life perspective in the face of arguments; to the merits of natural family planning; common-sense dating advice for teens immersed in the values of a secular culture; what’s happening in human trafficking in our area; and the perils of euthanasia in our culture. We can provide a pharmacist to talk about abortion prescriptions; a physician to discuss an issue such as the so-called “death with dignity”; or a woman or man to tell of losing a child through abortion.


Why not take the time today to “spring forward,” helping to spread the pro-life truth in your community?

Just call or text
(509) 985-6248 or email

to arrange for a speaker or for other assistance.


Christine Conklin

Executive Director

Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington


Students for Life
took part


Students for Life Are On The Move Across

Central Washington

Throughout our region, Students for Life are helping to make a difference in their communities in 2023, with the help of the Pro Life Coalition of Central Washington!

Members of the Gregory Sherman Chapter in Yakima joined with the John and Michelle Riel Chapter from the Lower Yakima Valley to staff a Pro-Life Coalition information table at the Yakima Walk for Life. Other members participated in the Walk itself, carrying a banner. The Yakima group also had a meeting at Pizza Hut, taking time to make signs for an upcoming rally. The rally was held in March near Walgreens on 40th Avenue, urging the store to discontinue the sale of abortion pills.

Meanwhile, the Edward and Catherine Carroll Chapter in the Tri-Cities began their year with a pro-life rally along John Dam Plaza in Richland. This has been followed by monthly meetings, including a presentation by the Pro-Life Coalition in March on how to refute the five most common arguments in favor of abortion. Tri-Cities Students also
held a rally near Walgreens, calling for an end to abortion pill sales, and have vigils at Planned Parenthood twice each week.

The Divine Child Chapter in East Wenatchee/Holy Apostles Youth Group collected warm clothing which they delivered to homeless shelters and to people on the streets of Wenatchee.

They also volunteered at Lighthouse Christian Ministries, organizing and delivering food to the community, and held a vigil at Planned Parenthood. The group is planning to listen to a presentation by a woman who had an
abortion, with a second presentation by the Pro-Life Coalition on respect-for-life basics.

In Ellensburg, the Dale and Camille Peterson Chapter met at Pizza Hut, with attendees including several students from Central Washington University. The group assembled treat bags which were later presented to a nursing home in Ellensburg.

Other upcoming plans include a talk by a member of the John and Michelle Riel Chapter in the Lower Yakima Valley to Confirmation students in Toppenish, in May.

Please keep these young leaders of tomorrow in your prayers. Donations also are
welcome as we help to fund everything from
pizza for their meetings, to supplies for projects and educational materials.

 Do You Have A New Pro-Life Resource Directory?


The Pro-Life Coalition has updated our regional pro-life resource directory for Central Washington.

More than 80 individuals, pregnancy centers, church groups and other organizations across the region are listed.

If you would like to have a directory to use for referrals, please call (509) 985-6248.

Supportive Peers Might Have Helped Prevent Her Abortion 

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Carey Falter

Carey Falter of Yakima is an outstanding pro-life advocate, who has learned the hard way about the value of human life. She has spoken to groups such as the Gregory Sherman Chapter of Students for Life in Yakima and is currently working on a book about healing from abortion.


Here are her observations:


“I grew up attending church every Sunday. I chose abortion when I was 20 years old. Looking back, I was walking a destructive path. It is no wonder I found myself in an abortion clinic. There is real truth in the saying, ‘prevention is worth a pound of cure.’


As a pro-life advocate, you might wonder what could have been done to prevent my abortion. I have identified three possibilities:


1. Faith-based Youth Group. My friends in high school were involved with sex, drinking and drugs. They were the people who loved me and gave me the attention I craved. The church I attended was small and my family were the only ones with children. I now recognize the importance of being friends with peers who are building a positive future instead of destroying their bodies and minds.


2. Exposure to the Reality of Abortion. Sadly, I knew nothing of abortion until I was pregnant. I only knew that I could have one. I had no idea what it would do to my body or how horribly it would end my pregnancy.


3. Involved Adult. It was my best friend’s mom who encouraged me to abort my baby. I wasn’t even thinking of an abortion until I spoke to her. When the relationship with the baby’s father dissolved, I turned to her for answers and support. I wish I had had an adult who cherished life who could have provided other options.


Our children are our future. The best time to influence their choices is BEFORE they become pregnant. Please consider supporting the Pro-Life Coalition and its wonderful work with Students for Life groups. By volunteering your time and donating money, you can help stop abortion before it becomes a ‘choice.’”

 What Is The ‘Pro-Life Coalition’ All About?

Founded in 2018, the Pro-Life Coalition of Central Washington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Washington and headquartered in Yakima. The Coalition serves this region with a variety of services, with the purpose of uniting and strengthening the pro-life community in respect for human life from conception through natural death.


We have three main areas of focus. We educate youth; forming, supporting and guiding Students for Life chapters. We provide medical professionals with pro-life materials, increasing their awareness of life-affirming resources available in our cities. Finally, we reach out into our communities to educate on the life issues, solidifying and prospering the pro-life spirit among people of various faiths and walks of life. As part of this latter effort, we have begun hosting quarterly Zoom meetings which bring together leaders from pro-life centers across Central Washington, allowing them to become better acquainted and exchange ideas and information.


The Pro-Life Coalition is here for YOU! You can call us at (509) 985-6248. Reach us by mail at 4401 Summitview Avenue, Suite 5, #16, Yakima, WA 98908. 

Something To Think About...


“If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target.” 

— Old military saying

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